Buy Finest Feeding Bowls and Mats to make meals a fun time for your dog

Meal-time is possibly your dog’s favourite time of the day apart from those walks. As dogs are reliant on their mouths to eat and can not hold their bowls while doing so, a responsible pet parent needs to ensure they get the right diners for their dogs.As different dogs have different needs when it comes to dog bowls, we, at Pet Essentia, have a wide variety of options to choose from. 

For doggies with smaller snouts, bowls with less depth are ideal whereas for a dog like a hound, deeper bowls are ideal. Some dogs like to gobble down their food as soon as they see it and hence, slow feeders help them eat their food in a timely manner so as to not choke on it and ensure proper digestion. Dogs like Cocker Spaniels and Basset Hounds who have longer ears also need a special bowl that keeps their ears from falling into the food. 

 Choosing the right material and mats that ensure your pet isn’t chasing his or her food while eating is also important. Basically, investing in the right feeding bowl and mat removes the hassle of cleaning your dog and the eating area after a meal while making meals an easy experience.

 Go through our collection of feeding accessories for your dog and get the best fit based on your furry companion’s needs.