Buy Best and Personalized Name Tags, Bow Ties, Bandanas, Shoes,& Travel Gear for Dogs

Accessorizing your dogs is one of the most fun activities for a dog parent. Dog Accessories range from fun to functional with options like name tags, bow ties, shoes & socks, bandanas, to even travel gear. An accessory or two can really up the cute quotient for your dog and can come in handy when the climate calls for it as well.

 We, at Pets Essentia, have a range of options like:

1) Personalised Name Tags

2) Socks and Shoes

3) Bow Ties

4) Bandanas

5) Travel Gear  

A personalized name tag not only adds functionality to your dog in case he or she gets lost but also looks cute and adds the parent’s signature to the dog. A dog with a bow ties or a bandana definitely draws jealous eyeballs when he or shies on a walk around the neighborhood. 

Dog shoes and socks not only make your fur-ball look adorable, but also protect their paws. These are helpful not only in cold or rainy weather but also during regular walks or runs on different surfaces. Travel can be a little tricky with a dog, but with the right accessory from Pets Essentia it can be a breeze. 

Browse through our collection of adorable accessories that would not only make your dog the talk of the town but also keep them protected.