Buy Comfortable & Customized Beds for Dogs & Puppies

Dogs sleep more than half of the day while the other time they are an energetic bundle of joy. Hence, a good sleep allows dogs to be relaxed and live a healthy and active lifestyle.

A dog bed allows your pooch to get their relaxation in comfort and style. It allows them to call a place their own and a good bed ensures quality sleep for your dog which allows them to use their energy in learning commands better & faster. Another benefit of a dog bed for dogs is to provide relief to your dog’s joints to delay the onset of arthritis or issues in joints.

However, in order to buy a bed you need to keep in mind a few checkpoints:

1) Size – You would not want to sleep on a bed that is either too small that your legs hang out of it or too big that it feels difficult to get out of. The same is true for your dog and hence, getting a decent sized bed that allows your pooch to stretch comfortably is ideal.

2) Orthopaedic Beds – Senior dogs that have joint issues or arthritis require specialized beds to support their aching joints. These beds are easy to climb into or get out of. You can also get orthopaedic beds for adult dogs to prevent or delay joint related issues.

3) Ease of Maintenance – Dog fur can be difficult to clean and hence beds that have a layer of fabric that can be easily removed to be cleaned come as a blessing in disguise for pet parents.

4) Portability – If you like to travel with your dog, a bed that you can snugly fit in your car (or other mode of transport) can provide your furry friend the comfort he or she requires when on the move.

5) Personalization – Pet parents who like to provide their dogs personalized products can look at personalizing the beds. Designs like donuts, loungers, or different shapes along with a variety of cushioning and fabrics are available on Pets Essentia.

We, at Pets Essentia, take customized orders from our customers while we also provide a wide range of readymade beds in different sizes and designs to provide your dog the comfort they require.