Buy fun and sturdy chew toys for puppies as well as adult dogs

Chewing habits of every dog are different and the selection of the right toy is key. Strong chewers require hard chew toys while softer toys are recommended for some dogs with not so strong jaws. 

 Providing puppies with chew toys during the teething stage is essential to ensure safety of your furniture and personal belongings. Puppies experience irritation in and around their teeth during the teething phase and hence they constantly need something to chew on. A chew toy keeps the puppy busy during their teething phase and keeps your belongings safe from destruction

Adults also require chew toys as chewing is a natural instinct for dogs and they enjoy chewing even after the teething phase. So be sure to select the right chew toy for your dog and make sure you supervise the chewing session to avoid any issues. 

We, at Pets Essentia, have stocked up our shelves with a wide range of chew toys that you can buy for your dog.