Buy Premium and Stylish Pet Accessories

Dogs require a lot of physical activity through not only play time but also regular walks or runs. Walks also help them relieve themselves and ensure a clean home. Although the requirements could be different, it is suggested that every dog requires a minimum of two walks a day as basic exercise.

As a pet parent, one can not do without a good quality collar and leash set – generally the first accessory for every dog. Collars allow you and others to identify your dog and a leash allows you to keep them within a safe distance in order to make walks controlled. It is imperative for pet parents to ensure their dog’s collar is of the right fit and is not too tight or loose.

 A collar and leash set can also help your furry friend set a style statement! We, at Pets Essentia, offer our customers a wide variety of collars and leashes for your dog. Pet parents can opt for different colours, materials, and sizes while we also allow you to personalize your dog’s leash and collar. Select the right set for dogs of different ages, sizes, and breedsfrom Pets Essentia.