Buy the Perfect Travel and Home Solution for Dogs of All Sizes

Kennels are like a shelter for your dogs. It is one place they can call their home and many dogs use it as a safe space in the house. Dogs that have a kennel can go back to their safe space when they feel anxious or frightened – commonly observed during thunderstorms and / or loud noises.

Dog crates and carriers make traveling with a pet extremely easy. The movement makes many dogs feel uneasy and if they have their own safe space in crates, it is easier to control their anxiety.Flights require IATA approved carriers for pets traveling by air.

Make the crates and kennels comfortable for your dog by providing him or her with blankets, cushions, and their favourite toys. We, at Pets Essentia, provide a host of IATA approved carriers and crates along with travel accessories for a safe and comfortable flight travel for your pooch 

Browse through our collection of dog crates, kennels, carriers, and travel accessories for your furry friend. Always ensure you consult a vet before selecting a product to ensure you make the ideal purchase for your dog.