Buy the Best Harnesses For Large, Medium & Small Dogs,& Puppies

Some dogs tend to pull and tug a lot – either due to restlessness or lack of discipline. For such dogs, it is better to get a harness instead of a collar as it takes the pressure away from the neck and distribute it across the body.

Collars could be harsh on dogs who dictate the pace on walks and also for short/flat snouted breeds due to the collar’s pressing action making it harder for them to breathe. A harness comes as a blessing for pet owners for such dogs.

We, at Pets Essentia, have a horde of options ranging from design, fit, purpose, and style to choose the right harness for your dog.We have also provided padded options or harnesses made of soft mesh keeping your dog’s comfort in mind. Take some time to browse through our options and zero in on a good dog harness to make walks comfortable for both you and your furry friend.