Buy gentle and allergen-free shampoos and conditioners for All Dog Breeds and ages

A healthy skin and coat is a good indictment of a healthy dog. Skin and fur cover the entirety of a dog’s body and is necessary to be kept clean to maintain good hygiene and protect your pooch from skin conditions. 

A dog’s skin and fur are different from a human’s and hence require different care. Shampoos and Conditioners specific to dogs ensure their skin and fur are taken care of.Some dogs who have sensitive skin will require gentler shampoos for their baths while some might need a stronger shampoo. Long-haired dogs require specially formulated shampoos to keep their fur silky and tangle-free. 

We, at Pets Essentia, have a wide range of shampoos and conditioners to choose from to make bathing time a calm and enjoyable session for your pet. 

Please note that a particular shampoo or conditioner may not suit your pooch. In case of any irritations, stop the use of the product and contact your vet immediately who would recommend the right variant of shampoo and conditioner suitable for your dog. Some dogs may also require hypo-allergenic shampoos due to their sensitive skins. Always consult your vet before picking the grooming products for your pooch