Buy Perfect All-Weather Paw Protection for Dogs of all sizes

We do not believe that there has ever been anyone who has seen a dog wear socks and shoes and not gone ‘www’. Shoes and socks on dogs look adorable! What is important to note is that they also help in protecting their pads and avoiding injuries 

A dog’s paws need to remain clean and dry. This task becomes tricky in monsoons as basic activities like walks could be harsh on your dog’s paws and unclean paws could lead to infections. Keeping their dogs’ paws clean is a must for all pet owners and making them wear all-weather shoes is the most basic way of protecting those pads.Socks and shoes also help prevent dust or outside irritants entering an open wound or cut while they also work in stopping your dog from constantly examining the wound or lick / bite it. 

 Apart from the above functional reasons, a dog wearing socks and walking around the house is a sight to behold. Paired with the right accessory, your dog would look absolutely adorable strutting around having those feet covered with tiny footwear. Shop from our wide collection of dog shoes and socks to make them look dapper as well as protect them from a host of issues.