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Dogs are messy and love playing outside. However, discouraging your dog from being themselves may not be the right way of parenting them. Hence, it becomes imperative that a pet parent cleans up after their dogs – an easy way to ensure a happy dog and a healthy parent-pet relationship 

Make sure you clean and wipe off whatever your pet has picked up from the park or walks before letting them in the house. Keeping a box of pet wipes or a soft towel handy in your car or outside the house would help in you keeping your house clean and wipe away daily dirt that gets accumulated on your dog’s coat. 

Towels that are easy to clean and ensure keeping your dog’s hygiene up are a wise investment for a pet parent. Ear and eye wipes to keep your pet’s face and ears clean also go a long way in keeping their skin and fur healthy. 

We, at Pets Essentia, offer our customers a wide range of Dog Towels and Wipes that they can be used for home pet grooming needs