Buy premium quality dog crates, bowls, seats, and more suited for travelling dogs

 Traveling with a pet can be a terrific experience not just for yourself and the relationship but also by providing your dog a new adventure. There are books and movies made on a pet parent and their pooch going on a soul-searching journey. However, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as dogs have specific needs to make their trip comfortable and enjoyable.

Hydration & Nutrition – Keeping your pet hydrated and well fed throughout the journey is a must. Your regular feeding bowls may not be ideal for travel. Hence, we, at Pets Essentia, bring to you our collection of travel friendly feeding bowls that allow for you to keep your pet hydrated and well nourished throughout the journey while keeping the surroundings clean. 

Comfort & Safety – Road travel can be a little tricky for dogs with constant braking and acceleration. Comfortable dog seat covers are an ideal way to allow your dog lie safely in the back seat and enjoy the great outdoors. On the other hand, Air travel is a harrowing experience for dogs if they do not feel safe and have the right comfort level. Therefore, airline approved dog crates of the right size and with the right comfort levels through blankets and pillows will help your pet feel safe in an unknown environment. 

Always plan in advance for a trip with your dog and ensure you make a visit to the vet before and after your trip to ensure your dog is in the pink of health and ready for the next adventure.