Buy tasty, natural, and nutritious snacks for Dogs of all sizes

Treats and Biscuits work wonders for dogs. They are formulated in such a way that taste is paramount while keeping a key focus on the nutritional aspect. This results in dogs loving treats and biscuits, which pet parents can use in multiple ways.

For a pet-parent relationship, treats and biscuits are essential. Having a treat dangling in front of your dog makes it easier to make them obey a command. Hence, these are the best tools for training. Another way treats work are to give them a break from regular food

As with treats and rewards for humans, pet parents must make sure they do not make their dogs wholly dependent on treats and biscuits. It is a fine balancing act to reward them for a good job without overfeeding them.

At Pet Essentia, we have stocked up on a very wide variety of biscuits and treats for your dog. We recommend that you pay attention to the ingredient labels before choosingthe ideal snack for your dog to make sure you know exactly what you are feeding them.

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