Buy custom name tags for dogs and puppies

 Name Tags for dogs are as essential as a collar, harness, or leashes. A personalized name tag is an accessory that can help you avoid difficult situations like being separated from your dog. These name tags that would have your contact details would help the finder get in touch with you to reunite you with your pooch.

 Name tags can contain your pet’s name for identification as well as your name, phone number, and address in case of emergencies. They are made of lightweight metal to ensure durability and comfort. Dog Collars generally have a small additional ring to accommodate for name tags and you can use these to help ID your dogs.

Remember to keep the information on your dog’s personalized name tag updated. In case you change your phone number or address, the tag should reflect that to serve its purpose 

Some pet parents also use name tags to add their signature to it by making it witty. Messages like ‘Give me a belly rub’ or ‘Treat or Treat?’ are quite popular among Pets Essentia shoppers. Dog tags come in various shapes and sizes. Go through our entire collection of dog tags and select the one you want to personalize and we’ll get that sent across to you. 

 Take a look at the collection we, at Pets Essentia, have brought to you and discuss with our team on what personalization would work best for your dog.