Buy comfortable and cozy mats for your dogs

Pet Mats are exclusively made to provide your dogs a comfortable space to rest or snooze.Spreading a dog mat below your work desk or your car seat allows your dog to stay close to you while you are working or on the move. Pet Mats also help protect your sofa and furniture from fur and scratches while they also add comfort to travel crates

 Choosing the right mat for your pet requires consideration of the following:

 1) Ease of Maintenance – Dogs shed a lot of hair and the products they use more need to be easy to clean and maintain. Dog Mats that are lightly stuffed with a durable and easy to clean outer layer ensures your dog gets proper hygiene and comfort.

2) Convenience and Size – Getting a right sized mat that allows your pooch ample space to stretch and stay cozy is possibly the most important factor in choosing pet mats. For pet parents that travel a lot with their dogs, a dog mat that can be rolled up easily like a yoga mat and secured with straps should be on your lookout.

3) Cooling Properties – Indian summers can be pretty harsh on dogs. Hence, look for mats that have cooling properties that allow your dogs to regulate their body temperature and stay comfortable.

4) Personalisation – A lot of pet parents like to personalize the products their dogs use. Pet Mats, like a lot of other products available on Pets Essentia, are customizable.

 Browse through the Dog Mats collection at Pets Essentia keeping the above points in mind and give your dog the comfort they deserve.