Buy easy to clean rope and fetch & tug toys for your dog

 Dogs enjoy playtime with their parents and other humans. Throwing a ball or another fetch toy away for your pooch to get back keeps the dog on his or her toes and helps in training as well by teaching them to obey commands.

 A game of tug of war is enjoyed by most dogs and as much as a game of fetch. Fighting for something they own with somebody they love is a game most dogs love. It also helps maintain a dog’s dental hygiene by cleaning off tartar and plaque from your dog’s teeth as they chew.

 As Rope, Fetch, and Tug toys predominantly involve a dog’s mouth, keeping them clean is extremely important. Hence, all our toys are easy to clean. So, buy the best toy for your dog right now without worrying about hygiene issues as a simple rinse or throwing them in the washing machine make them as good as new.