Cat Toys – Keeping Your Feline Companion Busy & Playful

Your feline companion might be a well-adapted to your home but its drive to hunt cannot be left behind. This is where cat toys spring into action. Pets Essentia brings an excellent collection of toys for cats from Pets Empire. Having your cat play with toys has several benefits such as the release of aggression, exercise, improved circulation, improved muscle tone, relief from stress and boredom, and most importantly, human-cat bonding.

Cats and kittens are playful by nature. They are curious and thus love interacting with you & their belongings a lot. Giving them toys lets them enjoy their free time & keeps them away from mischievous activities. At Pets Essentia, you can grab cat toys that appear like a circular cage with a colorful mouse-like toy inside. They mimic cat prey, in this case, mice. A similar movement of the toy will entice your cat to chase and seek it out. Don’t forget to checkout other cat toys available on

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