Dog Treats – Giving Your Canine Friend The Best Rewards

Dog treats are excellent rewards for good behaviour and are useful in training them to learn new tricks and maintaining positive behaviour. Treats also help to clean your dog’s teeth & aid in digestion as well. Like every animal, dogs have their dietary needs to stay strong and healthy.

Tasty Treats For Your Four-legged Companion From Pets Essentia

Since dogs are omnivores by nature, they eat both veg & non-veg food. However, at times, your pooch might develop a liking towards veg products or can be more inclined towards meaty food items. Whatever be the need, Pets Essentia has everything taken care of. We have the best quality of veg & non-veg treats for dogs from reputed brands such as Pedigree, Purepet & more. These treats come in a variety of formulas and flavours to suit your needs and your dog’s taste buds.

Note: Treats should not be considered as a substitute for actual food. Treats should be given only when they need it, especially during behavioural training. Don’t give them too many treats as it might disrupt their appetite and as the saying goes – too much of anything is bad.

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