Kitten Food – Feed Your Kitten With The Best Quality Diet

Kittens are small & delicate and need a great amount of care & proper nutrition to help them grow. Their need for nutrition is completely different from that of an adult cat. A kitten needs all those essential minerals, vitamins, & other nutrients that are vital for healthy growth. That’s why their food requirement & type are different from what an adult cat eats. Keeping the same in mind, Pets Essentia brings high-quality food for kittens from reputed brands like Drools, Sheba, Purina, Whiskas, and Royal Canin. All these foods are packed with everything your kitten needs to grow into a strong & healthy cat.

Kitten Food – A Major Aspect For A Kitten’s Proper Growth

Once a kitten switches from the mother’s milk or formulae, it is vital to give them the proper food to let their delicate bodies grow & develop. Kitten food contains high levels of protein as well as an acceptable amount of phosphorus, iron, zinc, and calcium; all of which are important for a kitten’s proper growth. Plus, they also contain a high amount of Vitamin C and E that are essential for the development of the kitten’s immune system. The kitten foods are made to be digested easily. Choose from six exciting flavours including Chicken Loaf, Ocean Fish, Tuna in Jelly, & Milk.

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