Buy Premium Quality Food for Puppies of all Breeds

Nutrition is the most important aspect of a growing dog. Setting the right habits and providing puppies with food containing the right nutrition while not skimping on the taste is a tricky balance, yet one that is a necessity.
A puppy’s tummy is also very sensitive and may not adapt to change in diet very easily. Hence, it is recommended to continue with what he or she was eating at her mother’s house for some time before gradually shifting to a new diet.
Generally, pups are not fussy eaters and require food 4-5 times a day. However, they need to be provided with the right quantity as giving them extra food could result in an upset tummy. Do consult a vet to decide the right diet and meal plan for your puppy as it is essential for optimum growth and development.
Always make sure that the new diet supports a puppy’s high energy requirement and their development. Ensure you provide them with the right nutrients to support their growth. Pups of dog breeds that tend to be bigger would require nutrition specific for bone strength while smaller breed pups would require food that support muscles, bones, and other tissues.
At Pets Essentia, we have a range of the quality puppy food from the best brands available for your little bundle of joy. Buy the best puppy food products and make meals a fun time for your pup.

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