High-Quality Wet Food For All Nutritional Needs Of Puppies

Providing the right set of nutrients to a puppy is vital for its healthy growth. Feeding puppies can be quite a tedious task since they need a balanced diet that comprises all the essential nutrients to help their body grow & develop. During the initial phase of the puppy stage, it is advised to continue feeding it with formula milk till the puppy is about four weeks. This is the time when they need those extra calories & nutrients that can no longer get from mother’s milk. In the opinion of vets, during the first six months of a puppy, the needs for nutrition change quickly. Plus, as per the feeding schedule, it is advised to feed puppies every four to six hours.

Feeding High-Quality Wet Food To Your Puppy

Keeping in mind the importance of proper nutrition for a puppy, Pets Essentia brings an excellent collection of puppy wet food from several reputed brands such as Drools, Pedigree, Purepet, and Royal Canin. All the puppy wet foods are packed with all the essential nutrients that are needed for a puppy’s growth. Created with original & high-quality ingredients, the intense smell & taste of these wet foods would surely make your puppy enjoy it. Due to its high water content, the wet food would also cover the fluid requirements of your puppy. And if the puppy doesn’t drink much water, then puppy wet foods are the best choice.

We Care For Your Puppy Just As You Do

Here, at Pets Essentia, everything we offer is from reputed brands only. As pet owners, we all love our pets dearly and ensure that they are provided with the best of everything. And this is what we do here at Pets Essentia. Right from food to accessories, we have everything needed to help a puppy grow strong & healthy. Browse through our entire collection of puppy wet food & give your puppies the best of nutrition.

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